I’m Lisa and I am passionate about helping women live a nourishing, peaceful and fulfilling life through the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, Deep Rest Meditation and Integrative Counselling.

Over the last decade I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of women through every stage of life. The positive experiences that women feel from these practices continue to inspire me as does my own yoga and meditation practice. The power in taking time out to reconnect with ourselves as women can be truly transformative and what thrills me the most is that it is accessible to us all, wherever we are in womanhood.

My work is an expression of my passion for creating nurturing, safe spaces for wellness, personal exploration and health to flourish, combined with my love and experience of working with women.

With a long background in Integrative Counselling and Yoga, I have wholeheartedly experienced for myself and with others, the power in these heart felt practices as a means of exploring, honouring and healing the body, the mind and the relationship between the two.

I truly love that these practices help us create a deep sense of intimacy and connection with ourselves which can ripple out to our loved ones and the world around us.

Post Graduate Diploma In Counselling (University of Cambridge) : 2009
Masters Degree In Psychotherapeutic Counselling (University of Cambridge) : 2011

Yoga Alliance Yoga Teaching Certification :2012
Birthlight Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Diploma : 2012
Postnatal/Perimenopause Yoga Certificate : 2014


Pregnancy & Birth Stories

Lucy & Baby Florence - Everyone is doing well! Florence came very quickly, and after a dash to the Rosie Birth Centre I had a vaginal delivery approx 2 hours later. To get through the car journey I found myself working through the vowels we learned in class. Although I really did not have any…
Emma & Baby Martha - Thank you for all your wisdom and especially being open about the different methods of delivery. Whilst we all would like a natural delivery, sometimes this is taken out of our hands and it was really nice knowing that the ‘pressure’ for a perfect birth needn’t exist at all -…
Sarah & New Baby Boy - The breathing techniques from pregnancy yoga were so helpful during labour - I used the ‘bee’ breath technique we did on Thursday to get through contractions and the midwives commented on how calm they thought I was.
Jade & Baby Matilda, Cambridgeshire - In the early stages of labour I was able to move about a lot and do my waggles and focus on my breathing and later on when things got too much I found it so helpful to ground myself using the alternate nostril breathing. Even though it wasn't the labour…
Sarah & Baby Austin, Cambridgeshire - I'm utterly delighted to say that it is finally my turn to share lovely news. Yes, the yoga effect strikes again as our baby boy was born on Friday the 13th under the light of the full harvest moon!!! Such a wonderful, empowering experience all round.  I'd woken in the…
New Mum - Our baby was born just over two weeks ago, all is well and we had a lovely water birth. Focusing on breathing throughout the contractions hugely helped keep me calm and relaxed and meant we stuck to our birth plan, and I am so grateful for all the hints and…

What Women Are Saying

Kelly - The retreat day was so wonderful,. I’ve really felt the effects this week too. I just feel like my cup is fuller, you can count me in for future retreats!
Veronica - Just to say thank you for another wonderful class. Through your teaching I am learning not just postures that are powerful, but to listen to the deeper voice within.
Carolyn - Lisa has a beautiful light touch in her teaching that has such true sensitivity in it. Lisa teaches from an honest, heartfelt place that allowed me to really feel into the naturalness of my own body. The space was held with such loving awareness, and such respect for everyone in…
Antonia - It’s the sharing of it and the tenderness that’s so beautiful, I can’t get over how fruitful the deep rest and gentle yoga is.
Sophie, Thailand - I took yoga classes with Lisa on Koh Samui, Thailand and it inspired me to reconnect with my yoga practise. She is a thoughtful, patient teacher and has a way of making people feel both relaxed and aware.  The beach classes I participated in were really memorable experiences, and Lisa…
Kathryn, Vietnam - I recently spent some much needed rest time in Mui Ne after travelling for 5 months. After a little bit of research I tracked down Lisa which was my godsend! I was lucky enough to have my first yoga session all to myself where Lisa worked with me to define…

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