Emma & Baby Martha

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Thank you for all your wisdom and especially being open about the different methods of delivery. Whilst we all would like a natural delivery, sometimes this is taken out of our hands and it was really nice knowing that the ‘pressure’ for a perfect birth needn’t exist at all – as long as mum and baby are happy and healthy. I found pregnancy a very anxiety inducing time and the hour a week we get to spend focussed on ourselves and our growing babies is very special.

My birth story is a bit different from the usual but I still found it a very positive experience! And all the breathing techniques from our classes were particularly important for me staying calm!!

As she was still in the breech we went straight to the hospital when my waters broke and I was placed on monitoring whilst they spoke to the delivery team/surgeons. Whilst we were were waiting for our turn 3 emergencies came and went which meant that we got pushed later and later (8 hours in total)… enough time for labour to really get going. Labour progressed very fast and within the last 2 hours of waiting I went from 0 to 6cm dilated meaning they really needed to get a shimmy on with the caesarean.  Fast forward to 10pm exactly on Sunday 13th October (another full moon) and Martha Antoinette Drane was with us, bright eyed and looking around. Recovery is going really well and we are working things out one day at a time.