Sarah & Baby Austin, Cambridgeshire

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I’m utterly delighted to say that it is finally my turn to share lovely news. Yes, the yoga effect strikes again as our baby boy was born on Friday the 13th under the light of the full harvest moon!!! Such a wonderful, empowering experience all round. 

I’d woken in the morning with lower back/ hip pain to one side which made walking a little tricky! Fortunately my mum came to the rescue and my daughter, son and I spent the morning relaxing at theirs. After lunch she sent me for a snooze!   As labour progressed, my daughter and I had a waggle on all fours, used mountain pose to draw spirals with our spine and Charlie Chaplin walked around!! So lovely for her to be involved a little.

We made it to the Rosie and I used my tens and long out breath to control the pain and waggled on all fours waiting for the birth pool to fill up. The midwife located a speaker for Tom to play the relaxation song, returning by jennifer berezen!! The water was a huge relief and Austin was born in here. I was so conscious to try not to hang on to the pain in my muscles and heard your “soft jaw pelvic floor” in my head!! I also used positive affirmations and visualisations. I literally imagined holding the baby when it all became too much and visualised him moving down the birth canal.  Thank you again for providing such a warm, welcoming space each week and for the guidance and support. My birth experiences would have been very different without you. I’ll miss this time. Good luck to all the lovely mummies. Our bodies are incredible if we trust them to do what they were designed for. You’ve got this!!!