2nd time Mum

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I’m delighted to say we now have a baby brother for our daughter.  It was about 7 hours in total and I had him at home in the birthing pool whilst my daughter slept. She woke up about half an hour after he was born, so perfect timing!

The birth went really well and the midwives commented on how focused I was and how fabulous my breathing was throughout. They said they’ve seen a lot of births and couldn’t praise me enough on how well mine went, so understandably I’m feeling very happy about that!

Being on all fours waggling, and leaning against window sill in bathroom really helped, but the most important thing that got me through the contractions was my breathing – really long slow out breaths (like blowing bubbles or the ‘golden thread’) using my arms in a flowing up and down movement and following this helped me to lengthen my breath, also leaning against the edge of the pool with my arms extending out imagining the breath flowing out from inside me, down to my baby and along my arms and out through the tips of my fingers. It was a very real experience for me in that I felt very connected to what was happening and realised that my body knew exactly what to do.

It’s no surprise that my affirmations were ‘if in doubt breathe out’ and ‘every contraction brings me closer to my baby’.