Jenny, Melbourn

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I was lucky enough to have 1:1 pre natal yoga classes with the wonderful Lisa Szramowski. I had a complicated pregnancy with my first child and was extremely anxious about having a repeat experience with my second one. From the moment I met lisa I knew I was in good hands. She is sensitive, caring and so supportive – and that’s before she starts to teach yoga! Her classes are fantastic. As a physiotherapist I can be a little sceptical about some exercises during pregnancy – but Lisa has me hooked. Whether you are looking for relaxation or to ease any aches and pains -these classes are just what any pregnant mother needs. I really believe that these yoga classes played a significant role in reducing the complications I had during this pregnancy -plus they gave me the tools to cope with the inevitable stresses any pregnancy brings. Lisa managed to make it a really happy time for me and I cannot wait to start post natal yoga with her.