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The benefits of a yoga practice

Yoga can offer each and every one of us a gentle and constant companion on the journey of self exploration, whatever our lifestyle, state of health and belief system. This wholesome practice, invites us to accept ourselves as we are, whilst moving safely and enquiringly through our bodies and minds. Whether you are new to Yoga or more experienced, these classes are designed to leave you feeling relaxed and energised, with greater body awareness and a more free and tranquil mind, everyone is welcome.

Some noticable qualities that develop as a result of a regular practice are:

  • flexibility, balance, good posture and strength
  • body awareness and emotional stability
  • increased performance potential for sport related activities ie lengthening your hamstrings and improved golf swing
  • a calm and relaxed state of being

What happens in a class?

My classes are relaxed, focussed and suitable for all levels.  I guide you through a sequence of physical  asanas (postures)  in synchronisation with the breath to bring your body and mind into harmony, along with guided relaxation to bring peace and calm. Stretching, holding and flowing through yoga asanas will increase your flexibility and strength, develop and tone muscle, massage your internal organs, and open the many energy centres in your body.

As a yoga teacher, supporting you on your sacred journey, I have every intention in offering loving kindness, mindfulness and guidance in a nourishing environment, where you can expect to work at your own pace, grow with confidence and flourish. My knowledge and experience of body patterns and rhythms influence the style of yoga I teach, with the practice working through your whole body.

You will discover tensions whilst learning how to relax, release and let go of these tensions. In this space, yoga breath and movement is explored and practiced to help you enjoy living more fully in your body.

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