babies”I attended Lisa’s mum and baby yoga, my son was 7 weeks old when we started and it was a great course. The class has taught me new ways to engage with him, which we have practiced at home, and some of the moves are firm favourites with him. As he is still little, sometimes the class itself can be tiring, but we never have to worry, as Lisa is so relaxed we can be involved or not depending on how he is feeling. It is also great for me as a mummy, we started yoga with Lisa in her pregnancy class, and it is nice to continue, and the group so really friendly that it is great for socialising and sharing with other mummies.” Emma, Melbourn, 2015


“The yoga breathing was fantastic in labour. It got me through my contractions without any pain relief. It was especially helpful keeping me (and my husband!) calm on the half an hour drive to the hospital. My beautiful boy arrived in four hours in the birthing pool without any problems and no stiches” Jenny, February 2014


“I was lucky enough to have 1:1 pre natal yoga classes with the wonderful Lisa Szramowski.

I had a complicated pregnancy with my first child and was extremely anxious about having a repeat experience with my second one. From the moment I met lisa I knew I was in good hands.

She is sensitive, caring and so supportive – and that’s before she starts to teach yoga! Her classes are fantastic. As a physiotherapist I can be a little sceptical about some exercises during pregnancy – but Lisa has me hooked. Whether you are looking for relaxation or to ease any aches and pains -these classes are just what any pregnant mother needs. I really believe that these yoga classes played a significant role in reducing the complications I had during this pregnancy -plus they gave me the tools to cope with the inevitable stresses any pregnancy brings. Lisa managed to make it a really happy time for me and I cannot wait to start post natal yoga with her” Jenny, Melbourn, 2014


“After my first pregnancy ended in a c-section as my daughter was breech, I wanted to ensure I did as much as possible to assist my second baby to get into a good position for labour.  Pregnancy yoga showed me postures and movements I could do to assist with this”

Whilst in labour I found the relaxation techniques and breathing exercises we’d used in class really helpful.  They enabled me to stay calm and in control, so I was able to give birth without any pain relief, which I’d never have believed I would be capable of!” Sarah, Melbourn, 2014


“Following a difficult first trimester I decided to try pregnancy yoga to see if it would help me to relax. Since I started the class I now feel the best I have felt during the pregnancy. During the class I feel really relaxed and I find that in the days following the class I feel refreshed and rejuvenated which really helps me to get through a busy working week.” Chloe, Melbourn, 2015


“Thank you very much. You gave such good lessons, I always felt like a new person afterwards”Juliet, Vietnam, 2012

“I had always wanted to try out yoga after hearing great things for many years about the benefits, but I didn’t do anything about it. That was until I met Lisa in Thailand. I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience of yoga. Our class was right on the beach at sunset, and from the get go Lisa made us feel absolutely comfortable in our surroundings. I was apprehensive as a beginner whether I could do everything or not, but a few minutes in and it was clear that I could take it at my own pace, which was important to me. Lisa gave us very clear instructions before every move and helped us get into the correct poses, which made a huge difference. After the session, I could feel the benefits already, a fresher mind and a few small muscle aches that let you know that you did some good exercise. I will definitely keep up with yoga and that’s in no small thanks to the wonderful instruction of Lisa! Thanks for starting me on the road to yoga land :-)” Enda, Thailand, 2012


“I took yoga classes with Lisa on Koh Samui, Thailand and it inspired me to reconnect with my yoga practise. She is a thoughtful, patient teacher and has a way of making people feel both relaxed and aware.  The beach classes I participated in were really memorable experiences, and Lisa was able to guide complete beginners alongside more experienced students without a problem. She is inspiring and knowledgeable with a naturally calming nature; I would recommend her classes to anyone”, Sophie, Thailand, 2012


“I recently spent some much needed rest time in Mui Ne after travelling for 5 months. After a little bit of research I tracked down Lisa which was my godsend! I was lucky enough to have my first yoga session all to myself where Lisa worked with me to define what it was I wanted and needed. After an amazing 2 weeks, I felt ready to hit the road again and it was mainly thanks to the wonderful yoga sessions I attended. Im hoping that our paths cross again in the future as I am already missing our sessions and I’ve only been gone 2 weeks!”Kathryn, Vietnam, 2012


“I really enjoyed my yoga sessions with Lisa’s as her teaching style allowed me to relax yet focus into the yoga positions to my full potential. She was more than willing to help me with an injury and made sure I was ok and doing the positions correctly. She was very calming yet motivating at the same time. I also really enjoyed a Reiki session with Lisa which was very grounding and gave me a great boost of energy”, Kylie, Vietnam, 2012

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