Reiki Healing


When you engage and harness your natural healing power, you develop the capacity to bring self healing to your body and mind.  This can be developed through Reiki.  Reiki is a deeply soothing and balancing universal life energy treatment.  It provides a holistic way to nurture your physical and spiritual growth and promote deep relaxation.

Reiki can really enhance your own good health through opening and balancing your energy centres (also known as chakras), releasing emotions and raising your energetic frequencies.   Equally, if you are currently feeling under the weather or ill, immersing into a  session can allow your natural body wisdom to move healing energy into the right places throughout your body for restoration and recuperation.

Receiving Reiki and anchoring your own inherent healing capacity in combination with enjoying a regular yoga practice, can really equip you with tools to balance your energy centres,  leading you towards full health in an ongoing way.

Please feel free to contact me here if you would like more information.

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