Pregnancy Yoga

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“Your body is miraculous. Made for bearing , giving birth and feeding a child, it has a natural ability to adapt to the needs of your growing baby” Janet Balaskas


A welcoming, nurturing and safe space awaits you as a pregnant woman, to support you through your pregnancy.


You will have time to unwind, nurture your body and connect with your growing baby and other women who are also journeying through pregnancy.  There is opportunity to enhance, enjoy and fully embody your pregnancy experience.


From weeks 14 to 42, you will learn yoga breath, movement, visualisations and positive affirmations to empower you to transform with confidence and strength through the most creative time in your life.  This deeply effective and non-strenuous practice requires no previous yoga experience and helps you become ‘pregnancy fit’.


Sessions are influenced by Birthlight, so you can rest assured the guidance you receive is supported  by years of scientific research and in depth knowledge of physiology and anatomy.


Pregnancy yoga benefits:

  • Inner and outer space to focus on your pregnancy
  • Encourages good health for You and your baby
  • Helps calm your mind and body and regulates emotions through breathwork
  • Release tensions and improves stress management, increased flexibility, mobility and strength, restore energy and vitality
  • Work directly with the pelvis and help sufferers of pelvic pain
  • Develops your confidence for birth
  • Creates bonding with your baby
  • Teaches you how to relax and trust your body
  • Provides a therapeutic supportive group environment


What happens in a typical class?

Gentle flowing Yoga sequences adapted for pregnancy are guided through, to encourage circulation of blood and oxygen for your body, mind and growing baby. Gentle breath work is learned to calm and soothe your whole being, empowering you to respond to potentially stressful situations with control and comfort.

Wear comfy clothes and something warm for the relaxation.







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